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Water BuffaloArtificial insemination in buffalo
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Principles of Garden Design
Flower garden designing
Article on flower garden designing features and techniques in floriculture ...
Rural agricultural marketing
Article Rural Agricultural Marketing Competitive Strategies and related top...

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Dr. K T ChandyArticle By . He is the author of these articles. Dr. K T Chandy has written 673 articles under 72 series. He completed PhD from Allahabad Agricultural Institute- Deemed University, Allahabad.

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Our main aim is to promote peaceful coexistence with nature as a basis for a peaceful co-existence among human being.

We have developed a programme for Agricultural and Environmental Education intends to provide basic knowledge about the Agro-Eco-System and its Management. In this programme we have more than 1000 articles on Agriculture and Environmental Areas.

These are suitable for a number of purposes. The suitability of these agriculture and environmental articles has been rated between 90-100 per cent by a large sample number drawn from various section of the population who have used these articles.


We promotes PEACE MODELS - (It means Peaceful Coexistence with Nature and according to place, time, culture etc. the models may be different for different people) an ideology of Dr. K.T. Chandy (Specialist - Agricultural & Environment Education, Land and Natural Resource Management and Environmental Living, India. Now working as a principal of a college in the state of Nagaland, India). Dr. K T Chandy has completed 631 articles on various topics under 72 series.

PEACE MODELS is a practical movement proposed for a Popular Environmental Agricultural Community Education for Mobilizing and Organizing to Develop Environmental Living Systems aiming to Promote Peaceful Co-existence with Nature As a basis for a Peaceful Co-existence Among Human Beings.

Hence the practice of Peaceful Co-existence with Nature is primarily applicable in crop production and animal rearing. For this proper knowledge of agronomic and animal husbandry practices are necessary.

Now we have decided to put these knowledge to the Internet. These are the few topics on which we offers articles. Agricultural and Environment, Agricultural Cooperation, Peace Models, Living Systems, Peaceful co-existence with nature, Importance of Agricultural Education, Agro-ecosystem.

We would like to invite peoples to be a part of this venture by submitting free articles on Agriculture, Environment and Animal Husbandry etc. The agriculture and environmental articles will be reviewed by our panel and the selected articles will be put on this site with due credit. Other articles includes animal husbandry articles, floriculture articles, horticulture articles etc. Please contact webmaster for more details.

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